A new week

Today is week 2 and for some reason I have felt good!!!  Up early to have breakfast 1hr before workout as Jillian recommends and poor old Sky was pacing as I’m usually up and out but she hung on and off we went for a walk and back for Phase 1 Disc 2 I used weights again today and worked up another sweat so its doing something.

Then tonight Carl asked me if I fancied a run at the gym so I did two 1km runs.


Excited for a new week.. Go Jillian

Day 7 and how happy am I!! I have been weighing at work but I’m using the Wii to do my official weigh in and yes i’m very happy with my 1st week, dont get me wrong I have been very cranky, tired and had horrible headaches but it was all worth it I feel.

The food for the next 11 weeks is a lot more varied and i’ve found quite a few before and after pictures which have given me a massive boost to hopefully finish the programme.  My exercise Sunday was Bodypump and Body Combat again and today i’ve done Jillians Phase 1 disc 1 routine which I did find quite easy the 1st time so decided to use the weights as Jillian suggests and found it to be more challenging and enjoyable (kinda).

So results are Weigh; 12st -6lb Hips; 38.5″ -3″ Leg; 21 3/4″ -1 3/4″ Arm;12″ -0.5″             Chest; 40 1/2″ -0.5″ Waist; 34″ -1.2″

Overall chuffed bring on week 2.

Ok its Day 5/85

Ok so im on Day 5 of Jillian and today was another day where I didn’t follow the exercise programme as I do a Bodypump followed by a 30 Spin class and as i’m still feeling the effects of the lack of food decided that was more than enough exercise for today (+ I felt vey faint and sick this morning after taking the dog for her usual walk).

I’m having tomorrow as my day of rest as I do gym on a Sunday so will enjoy the rest day cutting the grass with my new petrol mower(I broke 4 electric ones last year) so wont bother blogging till Sunday, with my total weight loss and see if i’ve lost any inches.

Two for One

Ok so I forgot to blog yesterday, well actually I did remember but I was in bed and decided to do a two for one today.

Yesterday was 30 mins Cardio in the morning and evening which did cause a sweat, and the headaches are starting to subside as I’ve taken to drinking 1 cup of tea in a morning and stopped the coffee altogether. As my partner Carl had weighted and lost 4lb yesterday and another 2lb today, by the time I got to work I couldn’t resist a sneaky look and to my shock I had lost 5lb!!! So obviously Jillian knows what shes talking about i’m now going to try and keep of the scales till Sunday.

Today I’ve still followed Jillians diet but Thursday is my Bodypump & Body Combat classes as I had a dizzy turn at Bodypump and the lack of food, I’m best to not burn myself out and so have not done her routines or my usual Spin class tonight.

After work tonight I joined the dog for 5mins to find even she has decided to join in with the weights part.


Soooo tired

Day 2 or Day 89 im so tired today but I have been getting up earlier than usual to make sure the dog doesn’t miss out on her walk.  Today was Stage 1 again but tonight i’ve done the Cardio as well as I had no gym which was pretty basic stuff did make me sweat so must be doing the job.  The food 1200 calories but i’m only allowed 2 cups of coffee so im not sure if its the lack of food (as im not hungry) or the lack of caffeine that is causing me to have such a bad headache!!

Im going to see how it goes so tomorrow is another day.

Day 1 or day 90…

Ok so yes i’m starting another diet today with the help of my new friend Jillian Michaels aka Biggest Loser mentor.

The new baby is “Jillian Michaels Body Revolution”, which is basically 90 days of diet and exercise.  Its not as if im exercise shy but I do love my food so i’m stuck in a rut I recon, so  whilst reading my Womens Health magazine I spotted Jillians 90 day plan, after much creeping to the other half he agreed to part with £79.99 and purchase the discs for me hes also doing it so really only cost £40 each!!!

So Day 1 has involved me getting up at 5.30am to walk the dog otherwise she would drive me crazy and the Stage 1 which wasn’t to bad just a round of general exercise for 30mins which did work up a bit of a sweat, during week 1 you are supposed to do a 30min cardio disc at night but as I do a Spin Class I’m not doing the cardio tonight.

The diet is a bit of a killer with yogurt for b’fast, salmon salad for lunch with a snack of hummus with carrots/pepper then a tea of steak, spinach and tomatoes/red onion but week 1 is a bit more intense to kick start your metabolism, so Day 1 or Day 90 done.

Starting weigh 12st 6lbs, waist 35.2, hips 41.5, leg 23.5, arm 12.5 & chest 41.

Day 30/31 The End :-(

Yesterday I only managed a walk and forgot to post for the 1st time.

Today the last day of Janathon and as always started with a 2km walk, then did my usual Body Pump class, then tonight I walked to the gym and did a spin class and thats it the end of Janathon.

Well done to all of you that took part in Janathon whether you managed to exercise and blog everyday or not I think we all achieved something.  Roll on next year or even Junethon.